Friday, September 12, 2008


I'm leaving for Amsterdam next week, and I doubt I'll be writing till I get back to NY in the beginning of October. Most of you know I am going over for a friends wedding, I'm very excited for him and also for myself, it will be nice to be in Amsterdam . This time I just want to hang, relax and live like a native. I am switching apartments, that will also be interesting.

My partner is going through some really troublesome drama on the job, it might mean having to look for another job. Naturally I just want to drop in there and fix it, but at least I realize that I can't do that. I'm just very uneasy for JMP, he's been through alot lately, and really this is all out of his control. I have to beleive that it will work out and that he will probably end up with something better than he already has.

How's retirement? I am not sure, right now I feel like I'm on vacation, ask me again after I'm back from Amsterdam. I did go away for an orientation weekend, and had to remind myself that I was no longer "in charge" but only an hourly, letting go has never been easy. One thing I have learned and that's that I dopn't want to schedule anything before noon, that is my time exclusively for myself, and I have been enjoying it. But my life is indeed different. Sadie the cat is happy to have me around(I think).

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