Monday, September 8, 2008


Just back from a weekend in Tarrytown New York, an orientation for new students, who I will be working with part time. I needed to remind myslf I was an hourly employee and not the Director, it wasn't my show. This is something I have to keep in mind. My colleagues have been wonderful, supportive and loving, I am one lucky man. My partner was supposed to fly in, but illness kept him away, I know I would have had a better time if he was there.

In I week I go to Amsterdam for two weeks, and that will be great fun. A good friend of mine will be married, it will be quite special to be there at this time to witness the occasion.

I have to remember what a colleague told me this weekend and that is that I must remain H J F, translation Happy, Joyous and Free. How does retirement feel, not sure yet, it still feels like I am on vacation, and I really have been enjoying it. Pink cloud or not, I don't care.

When I get back to NY i"ll fly up to Buffalo to help my partnet with his long anticipated move into his new apartment. I know he can't wait to have his own place, his is a model of patience. When that is done then I'll really start my retirement schedule, but all of this activity has been an excellent beginning. I need also to remember that I decide how I feel and how I react to situations, that is perhaps the lesson of a lifetime for me.

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