Friday, July 18, 2008


I was reminded today of something I have taken for granted, my friends. I am blessed with having them. My life would not be complete nor happy without them. I got this awareness today when I was talking with my friend D.C., I don't know where or when he got so smart, but he always amazes me with his insight and his love. I remember very clearly the day I met him and actually said hello, I was scared out of my mind. Hmmm fear could have kept me from knowing this friend/angel/mentor, what a loss it would have been for me. There's a lesson here, something about walking through your fear and witholding judgement. Sometimes I think of him as a father or an older brother(he is actually younger). He is the type of friend that knows and accepts me for who I am. There are times that I am stunned that we can be so alike. As I said I am blessed. It's hard for me to hear positive things about myself, I hope he can hear this !

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Andy Baker said...

He is great. I was thinking about him a lot last night. He's an amazing guy. And you should never underestimate what you've done. You've managed to move past some things that other people wouldn't have had the tenacity to tackle. Lots of people just let things slide after a 'certain age.' Glad you're not doing that.