Wednesday, July 2, 2008

July 1 already.....

It's July already and I'm leaving the job on August 29th, time is really beginning to move fast. I did a meditation workshop again last night with Sharon Salzberg. I really like her alot, she works hard at getting us to relax and just remove judgement and meditate. I am getting quite sensitive, there was a man sitting next to me, that just was throwing off so much negative energy. During the meditation I said to myself he is going to run out of here at the break, and sure enough he did. One great benefit from group meditation is the shared energy.

Mt BF flew in for the weekend and it was so good to connect. People continually ask me to define or explain our relationship, and I just can't. For me that is a good thing....I am always ready to label and name, when I can't do that I consider it progress.

I've been trying to learn about Buddhism, it's really a very tough path to follow after being indoctrinated in obtaining possessions and creating attachments. I know I don't have to do it perfectly.(remember you head that here )

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Andy Baker said...

I've tried formal meditation, but the hocus pocus part of it always throws me off. I do, however, stop and clear my mind, which is nice. And I suppose that is meditation. Probably a good idea for me to try that more. Thanks for the reminder